About us

We develop concepts, and we implement them.

Custom(s)done4u means business! Custom(s)done4u accepts increasingly complex customs- and supply chain challenges from various trade and industry fields, and provides with innovative and cost-saving supply chain solutions in return.

Our approach is to focus on the entire proces; We do not believe in stand-alone optimizations. So we will be assessing all areas that are connected in the overall proces. Resulting in optimisation in customer and employee satisfaction,  cost reductions, bottom line improvement and increased operational excellence. We are a professional consultancy services provider, practise a no-nonsense approach and are very results driven.

We believe that a concept is only as good as its implementation. So we take pride in value-added solutions which create a decisive competitive advantage in the current changing economic climate. Our experienced project managers are motivated to partner with your internal organisation to not only accelerate the ability to integrate changes in workflow processes, but also enhance leadership skills and stimulate (online) team collaboration.

We have access to an extensive network of experienced management, logistics, customs and IT field specialists; subject matter experts (SME’s) who have gained respectable experience in their respective fields. Their initial approach is methodological, with an analytical component, with the goal to develop intelligent strategies. Execution then becomes accelerated through project management, open direct communications style, and strong people management skills.

Custom(s)done4u is your acces point to all the necessary building blocks to transform your challenge into your strongest growth area. This is why we create partnerships with our customers: for them to become everything they promise to be.